When We Know We Are Doing It Right

RESPECT has always been based on live, in-person theatre.  With so many schools and organizations not yet ready to have us enter their buildings, we have been providing live interactive programs virtually using green screens, sophisticated cameras, and of course the talent of our actor-educators!  Still, when in person, it’s often easy to see just how effective RESPECT programs are by the cheering and applause and smiles that are easy to see and hear instantaneously by the audience.  While it may be difficult to get that instant boost of feedback, we know when we are doing things right when immediately after a performance, we get a request from another school in the same district where we had just performed.  That’s just what happened this fall, when one after another, calls and emails from middle schools in the Elkhorn Public School District started coming in after our first performance of the year at Elkhorn in October!  We are pleased to have scheduled many more live virtual performances with Elkhorn schools for this fall and winter.

And what about our in-person programs?  It may be an extra challenge to communicate from a distance or through masks, but the effect on participants is just as strong as before.  Take Girls Inc., who brought in RESPECT for multiple Artist in Residence workshops for their elementary age groups.  Following the success of those sessions, they reached out to ask us to return to work with their middle schoolers!

These sites are just a few of many who continue to call upon RESPECT to support building healthy relationships among their students and we are so happy to partner with them all!

Would you like a RESPECT program at your school or organization? Contact us at info@respect2all.org or 402-965-1425.  Scholarships are available to offset the cost of all programs.