What to expect for live performances in the midst of COVID

Some educators and administrators may be wondering:  If we have RESPECT for in-person programs at our school, what we can we expect when it comes to COVID safety precautions?  RESPECT’s board and staff have been monitoring the situation closely and have created policies designed to keep our in-person programs engaging while protecting both our audiences and staff from possible COVID exposures.

Host sites can expect ath RESPECT staff will:

  • Complete a health self-screening on the day of the performance in order to stay mindful of any possible illness and stop anyone from showing up if exhibiting any symptoms.
  • Wear masks covering the mouth and nose at all times except during the performance and talkback as long as the audience is fully masked and at least 15 feet away from the actor-educators.
  • Observe any other safety precautions that the host site requires.

RESPECT expects that host sites will:

  • Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between RESPECT’s staff and all participants and site staff.
  • Have all individuals present wear masks covering the mouth and nose at all times.
  • Keep the maximum number of people in a room at no more than the current maximum capacity guidelines allow for.

We know and understand that not every school is able to meet these requirements, but for the safety of our own staff and the audiences that we work with we will only be able to do in-person performances where we can ensure these items.  For those that can’t, we are pleased to offer our virtual programs which includes our full catalog of offerings found at www.respect2all.org/programs.  We can perform these interactive educational theatre programs LIVE through any web conferencing platform your school or organization uses.  We are always happy to work with your site to make everything work to fit your unique needs.

Contact us at 402-965-1425 or info@respect2all.org to learn more or book programs!