Virtual Programs Piloted at Westside Community Schools

After months of transitioning RESPECT’s interactive educational theatre programs to digital platforms and creating new scripts and content to address a world with COVID-19, we are thrilled to have piloted our virtual programs at Westside Community Schools.  Students at Westbrook Elementary participated in a hybrid of recorded and live presentations.  The play portion of the experience was provided as a recorded production which was then followed by a live interactive talkback during which RESPECT’s actor-educators facilitated discussion and role-plays with students.

Westbrook Elementary School Counselor, Jessica Lowe stated, “Westbrook students and staff were very excited to have the RESPECT plays in our building last month.  I was very impressed with the level of engagement each of our classrooms had, even though the plays and talking session were presented virtually.  Our students learned helpful strategies to deal with their big emotions and difficulties with peers.  Several teachers shared with me their appreciation of how ‘current’ the plays were.  The stories were realistic representations of issues our students face. The skills and strategies taught by the actors align well with our social-emotional curriculum, allowing our students to implement and practice them routinely since they viewed the plays.  I am hopeful that we will be able to have RESPECT back in our building every year!”

Presentations at Westbrook Elementary included Patching Things Up (Kindergarten), Stop & Think (1st & 2nd grade), Bub Meets Scrub (3rd Grade), The Adventures of Natalie the Net Nanny (4th & 5th grade), and Scraps (6th grade). In the coming weeks, RESPECT will also pilot Coping in Crisis at Westside Middle School.  Program descriptions for our entire catalogue can be found here.  Each program was workshoped with educators and youth serving professionals to ensure that in this new format, RESPECT’s programs remained informative and engaging.  Schools who host virtual RESPECT programs will also receive special “Continuing Conversations” followup videos and lesson ideas to continue the dialogue about the important messages covered in the presentations.

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