Staging Conversations About Social Media Conference Makes a Difference for Teachers and Counselors

This year’s RESPECT conference was held on October 30th and drew educators, counselors, and other professionals from both local schools and organizations as well as from Greater Nebraska.  RESPECT collaborated with a number of local professionals ranging in expertise from social media marketing, law enforcement and cyber safety, to pair their knowledge with RESPECT’s team of actor-educators and Executive Director, child psychologist, Dr. Patricia Newman.  The day explored risky and safe apps, human trafficking, and the impact of social media on youth and teen’s mental health.  During lunch, an interesting perspective on social media, cellphones, and online content was shared by local teenagers in a panel discussion. Throughout the day, role-play was used to problem-solve difficult situations.  In evaluations, participants reported that role-play and theatre helped them think about how they could best address these issues in their own lives and with students.

The conference was held at the C&A Industries building and supported by the Kim Foundation, Union Pacific, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska.