RESPECT’s Newest Program “The Bubbylonian Encounter” Available for Booking!

RESPECT’s newest program “The Bubbylonian Encounter” about child sexual abuse is now ready to be performed at your school or organization! Last spring, Completely KIDS approached RESPECT requesting that we absorb “Bub” into our program offerings as Completely KIDS was focusing its efforts on the more primary elements of their organization’s mission. Knowing how important the topic of child sexual abuse is and how “Bub” has been an important program provided in the Omaha metro area for decades, RESPECT agreed to take on this important work.

After many months of reviewing this play written by Gene Mackey, speaking with local experts and getting feedback from educators, we have – with the playwright’s permission and in the words of our Artistic Director, Suzanne Withem – “RESPECT-ified” the script to meet current best-practices for teaching about this important topic and to match the format in which all RESPECT programs are performed. RESPECT premiered “The Bubbylonian Encounter” (or “Bub” as it is affectionately known) at two conferences for professionals: The Nebraska School Counselor Association Academy and the Dove’s Nest Conference. We then finally debuted the program for children at St. Vincent De Paul School for students in kindergarten through third grade. We are looking forward to performing “Bub” at schools all across Nebraska. Contact us if you are interested in scheduling a performance for your school or organization!

In addition to absorbing “The Bubbylonian Encounter” from Completely KIDS, RESPECT is also in the process of updating “Natalie the Net Nanny” by Omaha playwright, Doug Marr. “Net Nanny” will be available in February 2015 – look out for more information in the coming months.