RESPECT Returns to ESU 7 to Continue Building Healthy Relationships

During the 2018-2019 school year, RESPECT traveled to ESU 7 to provide programs in the fall and spring for over 1400 participants thanks to a generous grant from the Kim Foundation.  As part of the project, RESPECT conducted evaluations regarding the efficacy of our work and the impact made on students’ mental health and experiences at school.  The results from the study were impressive.  After RESPECT’s interventions, students demonstrated a drop in anxiety and problem behaviors among other factors and an increase in positive social skills.  Pleased to see such a positive effect, faculty at Lakeside Community Schools asked RESPECT to return during the 2019-2020 to work with students again building upon the skills and resources that students gained from during our first set of programs in the previous year.  During this most recent trip, which took place on January 21, 2020, RESPECT presented “Standing Up” to high school students about LGBTQ bullying and homophobic banter, “Choices” for middle schoolers which covered bullying, drug abuse, peer pressure, suicide and depression, and “Between the Lines” for elementary school students at two locations.  Students were deeply moved by the presentations and spoke to RESPECT Executive Director, Dr. Patricia Newman, and actor-educators following the event.