Based off of RESPECT’s budget, it costs about $1,000 for us to present one program. However, due to the support and generosity of various foundations and organizations, we are able to offer each program at a substantially reduced rate. The below costs reflect this reduced rate.

K-12 Program Pre-K Program Training (1 Hour) Training (90 Minutes)
In Town $395 $275 $395 $470
Around Town $450 + Mileage $325 + Mileage $450 + Mileage $525 + Mileage
Out of Town $600 + Mileage + Per Diem $450 + Mileage + Per Diem Call for Rates Call for Rates


Rewind & Rework Add-on Session – $75: Add on an extra half-hour to any 4th – 12th grade program for students to work directly with RESPECT’s actor-educators to use role-play to problem-solve bullying or relationship challenges that they face.  Scenes will be based on students’ and staff’s own real-life experiences.

All mileage measured from 7200 Dodge St., Omaha, NE, to performance address.

In Town: less than 30 miles | Around Town: between 30 and 60 miles | Out of Town: more than 60 miles

All programs in Council Bluffs are considered “In Town.”  All programs in Lincoln are considered “Around Town.”


» Mileage & Per Diem

Effective January 1, 2019, RESPECT charges $.58/mile, subject to change, as determined by the IRS. Round-trip mileage is calculated from 7200 Dodge Street in Omaha to performance location address. Mileage is calculated when performing around town or out of town.

Per diem is calculated for out of town performances. The specific total cost is determined by the number of RESPECT staff required and the duration of the trip; costs per person are approximately $10 for breakfast, $15 for lunch, $20 for dinner, and $45 for a full day.

» Scholarships

RESPECT has numerous scholarships that have been made available from various sources. Please email us or call our Program Director at 402.965.1425 to determine eligibility for these grants. There is a quantity discount for organizations booking more than one show.

» Ideas for Funding

  • Community business partners
  • Bake sales, car washes, pencil sales, other activities
  • Community-specific (i.e. city, county) foundation grants
  • PTAs, community clubs, parent groups
  • Collaboration with other schools and organizations to share costs
  • Drug-free, school safety, character education, and child abuse prevention monies