RESPECT’s newest program The Adventures of Natalie the Net Nanny by Doug Marr with adaptations and updates by RESPECT about internet safety is now ready to be performed at your school or organization! This educational theatre program is one of two we were requested to bring into RESPECT’s menu of personal safety programs from the Completely KIDS organization. (The other, The Bubbylonian Encounter, a program to help prevent child sexual abuse, premiered last semester.)  Net Nanny interacts with students in grades 2-6 about personal safety on the internet and through social media and in cyberspace.

While Net Nanny has been performed in the Omaha Metro Area for several year’s RESPECT’s adaptation has many significant updates:

  • Natalie has been transformed from a whimsical Nanny to a savvy tech-support specialist who enlists her trainees (the student audience) to think about how to stay safe online through integrated talkback discussions throughout the play.
  • We have included multiple forms of technology and social media forums such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Minecraft and others.
  • We’ve added safety tips for web searches and clicking on appropriate links.
  • While encouraging kids to trust their gut-instincts when they think something might be wrong, we reinforce the importance of seeking help from adults.

As in the original version, we have included information about the harmful effects of cyber-bullying, the importance of keeping personal information private and the risks communicating with strangers online.  All of these components have been updated by our Artistic Director, Suzanne Withem, to reflect current technology, language and best-practices based on feedback from our Community and Student Advisory Committees.

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