Meet RESPECT Board Member: Robert Valentine

Why is RESPECT important to you?

I Believe that RESPET is important because our youth are getting real life examples of situations that they encounter every day. It is important that our youth learn how to deal with situations that impact their life often. From my perspective RESPECT has taken a pledge to dedicate their services to the younger community to make a difference and I believe they are being very impactful.


What is your favorite RESPECT program and why?

My favorite RESPECT program would have to be “Choices” because of how realistic these situations happen while our teens are in middle school and high school. The program focuses on mental health, social issues, and negative and positive peer pressure. What I like personally about this program is the interaction that the teens have with the actors and how they get to live out the scenarios in a negative and positive way and this helps them learn the difference. 


How did you get involved with RESPECT?

I worked for the Boys & Girls Club back in 2015 and the Club Director invited RESPECT to come visit our Club members and put on a show. This was my first time seeing a show and I was amazed! The actors were well rehearsed, and they captured the attention of our members, and they couldn’t take their eyes off of them. RESPECT having a great relationship with one of the biggest afterschool programs in the world is a recipe for success.


What would it have been like to have RESPECT when you were a kid in school?

I believe having RESPECT when I was a kid would have benefited a lot of my friends growing up by helping them make good choices. I think that seeing the example of what to do in situations that are not ideal would really help any child process it all through. The positive is we have this great organization now that is shaping our youth in the right direction.


What do you like about being on the board of RESPECT?

Being on the Board of RESPECT allows me to help bring opportunities to the organization that will help the overall aim of RESPECT. I love working with individuals that are like minded and want to make a difference in the community by building up our youth through theater other than traditional ways like a speaker, sports, or school related activities. Being on this board I am embodying the role of a servant leader which is who I challenge myself to be every day.