Meet RESPECT Board Member: Commissioner Mary Ann Borgeson

Why is RESPECT important to you?
RESPECT is important to me because it is an organization that provides a unique, creative and effective array of programs on some very tough issues to our children in Pre-K to 12 grade!

What is your favorite RESPECT program and why?
I love all the programs, but the two I would tag as my favorites are the Puppy Pals for Pre-K and Kindergarten and Cracked But Not Broken for High Schoolers. I think the Puppy Pals is so important for kids at an early age to learn and hear about being kind to others and respecting others who might be different than us. Cracked But Not Broken for High School is really important for our high schoolers to understand what teen dating violence means, it provides students a way to support someone in a dating violence situation, it explains what power and control means and sends a strong message that no one should be treated in such a manner.

How did you get involved with RESPECT?
I got involved with RESPECT when Founder Dr. Patricia Newman reached out to me and provided background and information on RESPECT, what they stood for and what they offered.

What would it have been like to have RESPECT when you were a kid in school?
I think it would have been valuable. I think we had many of the same issues we see today, but on a different scale and we did not have social media.

What do you like about being on the board of RESPECT?
I like what the organization stands for; I love Dr. Patricia Newman, I love the passion of the Board Members and the talent of our amazing actors that provide these wonderful programs.

Or anything else that you’d like to share.
I think RESPECT is a precious jewel and it has always remained true to its mission!