Happy New Year!

RESPECT is looking to a brighter future, but even during COVID-19 we are still STAGING CONVERSATIONS VIRTUALLY!

We have launched…

  • 7 brand new plays written especially for this year, all performed remotely and interactively such as “Bub Meets Scrub” about personal space and physical health and “Top Secret” about challenges and fears that come up while at home. We have adapted 4 existing scripts for virtual performances. All of these programs emphasize addressing identity based bullying and facilitate conversations about racism and respecting diversity.
  • Continuing Conversations Virtual Follow Ups sharing extra content for teachers to use in the classroom such as this video demonstrating how the Boys Town National Hotline works.
  • Hold That Thought virtual multi-session workshops to help intermediate age students work on social skills using theatre techniques.
  • After school InterACT sessions for middle school students in partnership with Collective For Youth.

And much more!

RESPECT’s board and staff have all learned to grow, share, and appreciate talents and strengths in ourselves and each other in addition to those we are usually called upon to use in our live theatre work. We have incorporated a greater proportion of time than before on time to learn together – whether that be about technology or the origins of privilege in our community. Our work is made possible by the generous support of our donors and community partners – THANK YOU!