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How do I book RESPECT to visit my school/organization?

To book RESPECT, please contact us via email or call our Program Director at 402-965-1425. Generally, we are booked 2 – 3 months in advance. Please see our schedule of shows for an idea of our availability. NOTE: Our availability changes constantly. The posted schedule may not reflect recent changes.

How much does it cost?

It costs nearly $1,500 for RESPECT to present one program. However, due to the generosity of various foundations and organizations, RESPECT is able to offer each program at a substantially reduced rate. Please see our Rates page for a complete list of costs.

Are there grants available for RESPECT to visit our school/organization?

RESPECT continually applies for grants to sustain our already reduced cost. Please contact us for availability and conditions of additional cost assistance programs and grants.

Does RESPECT offer training for parents or educators?

Yes. Please see our Programs page for available adult trainings.

How long does each program last?

The pre-K show Puppy Pals lasts 30 minutes. Each K-12 show lasts 60 minutes. Parent and teacher training programs generally last 90 minutes, but can be flexible.

What grade levels do you have programs for?

We have programs for pre-K through adult. Please see our Programs page for more information on age-appropriate programming.

Can RESPECT perform more than one show per day?

RESPECT can perform a maximum of four plays in one day. We prefer to perform the shows back-to-back, if the school schedule allows this possibility.

What is your maximum audience size?

Generally, a comfortable maximum for RESPECT is 250 students and adults. However, we are flexible. Please  contact us for more information.

RESPECT is visiting my school/organization. What does RESPECT need from us?

RESPECT is very flexible, and has performed in nearly every imaginable space. We often perform in gymnasiums or multipurpose rooms. Generally, we only need five chairs and a handheld microphone for our talkback session. The actors do not require microphones for the performance. RESPECT highly encourages the school’s or organization’s professional counselors to be present during the presentation.

I left a message a while ago, and I still have not heard back from RESPECT. What should I do?

RESPECT consistently travels throughout Nebraska and Iowa, and thus may be unavailable for immediate assistance. Please feel free to contact us via voicemail at 402-965-1425 or via  email. Somebody will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are there any educational handouts or materials to accompany a RESPECT performance?

Prior to RESPECT’s arrival, your school or organization will receive a contract packet including performance agreements, copies of the scripts, introductions to the plays, educator handouts, and resource guides to help your school or organization with any pre-teaching activities. Upon arrival, RESPECT will provide students with a handout and encourage them to share it with adults at their home. All materials are available on our website. Also, every resource is approved for duplication. NOTE: Scripts are copyrighted and owned exclusively by RESPECT. Scripts are not online and are not available for public use. Please contact us for further inquiries.

Can RESPECT help collect data about bullying in my school/organization?

es. RESPECT is a research-based nonprofit organization. If you would like more information about collecting data, please contact child psychologist Dr. Patricia Newman.

Can my school/organization perform a RESPECT script?

RESPECT exclusively owns the rights to all scripts currently performed. RESPECT scripts may not be performed by any school or organization other than RESPECT without the prior written consent of RESPECT.

Where should I mail materials to RESPECT?

Please mail them to:
820 South 75th Street
Omaha, NE 68114

Can I send a "thank you" to an organization that helped pay for RESPECT to visit my school?

Please contact us for information about your program’s granting organization. Thank you cards or messages can be mailed directly to the granting organization or to RESPECT. Cards and pictures from the students are always appreciated!