“Bub Meets Scrub”: Teaching Kids About Big Feelings and Staying Health

As a sequel to “The Bubbylonian Encounter,” originally by Gene Mackey, RESPECT has developed a new program in direct response to physical and emotional health concerns due to COVID-19.  In the play, Bub and her friend Archie welcome a visit to earth from Scrub, one of Bub’s best friends from her home planet of Bubbylonia. Scrub, a recent recipient of the MOST HYGIENIC BUBBYLONIAN AWARD tries to convince Bub to return home where she will be safe from the effects of the coronavirus. Archie and Bub explain to Scrub how humans are dealing with the pandemic, how to greet friends, how to deal with big emotions and more. Bub persuades Scrub that she likes earth too much to return, but to please send her best wishes to all her friends on Bubbylonia.  This interactive program is just one of many new programs available virtually for students in the 2020-2021 school year.  If you are interested in booking this program or any of our others contact us at info@respect2all.org or 402-965-1425.  A full list of our current offerings can be found at www.respect2all.org/programs.

Enjoy this clip of “Bub Meets Scrub” to see what it’s all about!