People Engaging in Bullying Behavior

  • hurt people’s feelings, bodies, or things.
  • hurt people with words.
  • hurt people by leaving them out.
  • hurt people by getting other people do bullying behaviors.


The Truth

Anyone can be a engage in bullying behaviors.

Bullying hurts all of us.

We can stop bullying.

» Be A Friend!

Anybody can be a friend! I can be a friend by:

  • Smiling
  • Sharing
  • Listening
  • Including others
  • Respecting differences
  • Respecting space

» If You Are Being Bullied...

  • Tell yourself: “This hurts. I do not deserve to be hurt. I can help myself or get help.”
  • Stand straight. Look the person who is bullying in the eye. Speak loud and clear.
  • Tell the person acting like a bully: “You’re being mean. I don’t like it when you call me names. Stop or I will get help from an adult.”
  • Tell someone you trust: “It hurts when she pushes me. I need help.”
  • Do not bully back.
  • Stay away from people who are bullying if you can.

Remember: We all deserve respect. Keep trying!

» If You Are Bullying Someone...

  • Stop and think about what you say and do.
  • Tell yourself: “I do not have to be choose to act out bullying behaviors. I can choose to be a friend.”
  • Tell someone you trust: “I am acting like a bully. I want to stop.”

Remember: Treat others like you want to be treated.