Join RESPECT as we stage conversations about how to help kids and teenagers stay safe online and cope effectively with challenging situations that originate or develop via social media.  We will be drawing upon the wealth of knowledge that many of our community partners bring regarding online safety and mental health. As always, our conference will be highly engaging using RESPECT’s hallmark method of theatre as a powerful educational tool. Sessions will be interactive, hands-on and designed to directly reflect the real-life experiences of attendees.

*This is an encore of RESPECT’s 2018 Summer Conference.

For Parents, Educators, Counselors, and Other Professionals: October 30th 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Location: C&A Industries Building 13609 California St. Omaha
Cost: $59 Includes All Materials and Lunch – Limited Scholarships are available – Email to inquire

Eventbrite - Staging Conversations About Social Media

Session Topics Include:

Interacting Online Today: What is Risky and What is Safe
Get a 101 on top 10 apps kids use and discover how youth interact with social media in an ever-changing online environment. Learn about what safety features are out there, the pros and cons of using them and what other helpful resources are available.

Cyberbullying, Balancing Online Usage, & Mental Health
What does current research tell us about the effects of social media on the mental health of young people? How do we help kids and teens maintain a healthy balance of social media use when it seems like everyone is online all of the time? How do we help our children and students cope with emotionally challenging situations that happen online, but have real-life effects offline? We will stage conversations to problem-solve these real life difficulties.

Online Strangers & Human Trafficking
Social media is involved in almost all aspects of modern criminal activity, especially when it
comes to Human Traffickers who often use social media to communicate to lure, “pimp,” and push youth into the underground world of trafficking. Get to know the statistics and information relevant to human trafficking in our communities, and recruiting methods of traffickers, how officers and the public can identify, report, and respond to human trafficking, resources available for victims.

What Happens When You Make a Mistake?
We tell our kids to be careful about everything they post or do online, but what happens when they make a mistake? How do we balance a healthy sense of caution without making kids feel like their life is ruined if something goes wrong? This session will help adults come up with ways to help kids and teens work through the consequences of mistakes made online whether it be in the form of embarrassment, social isolation, or compromised professional or academic reputations.