As an educator, it is important that you create a safe, positive environment where students can voice their concerns. Make yourself familiar with your school’s bullying reporting and intervention policies, and take steps to learn about the prevalence of bullying and harassment in the immediate teaching environment.

The Hard Truth

  • In 2007, 32% of students reported having been bullied during the school year.*
  • Of the students who reported being bullied, 79% were bullied inside the school, 23% were bullied outside on school grounds, 8% were bullied on the school bus, and 4% were bullied somewhere else.*
  • More females (33%) reported being bullied at school than males (30%).*
  • Across 25 countries studied, bullying was found to be a “critical issue for the health of youth internationally.”^

*The National Center for Educational Statistics, 2007
^Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, August 2004