2005-2007 Research Results

Over 500 4th – 8th graders in six inner-city Omaha schools were surveyed in relation to their viewing of the RESPECT program.

Students participated in three surveys: Reynold’s Bullying Victimization Scale, Reynold’s Victimization Distress Scale, and Reynold’s School Violence Anxiety Scale. Students were first surveyed in the fall semester one week prior to seeing the RESPECT program. The same three surveys were administered to each student within one week after seeing the program. The same three surveys were administered once again in April-May of the following spring semester.


Statistically significant differences at the .01 level of significance were seen between the pre-test and immediate post-test in all cases. This change continued and maintained the same level of significance at the end of the school year as noted on the end-of-year post-test results.

Conducted by Dr. Charles Dickel, Dr. Patricia Newman, and Dr. Patricia Sullivan